Health and Safety at Work- Aims & Scopes
Aims & Scope

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 The journal of “Health and safety at work“ aims to promote knowledge, theory and practice of occupational Hygiene and Health, innovations, engineering and management.  A broad outline of the journal’s scope include: peer reviewed original research articles, as well as review articles. The main aspects of research area include, but are not exclusive to:  

Hazardous physical agent at work including Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Lighting, Thermal stress, Electromagnetic field; Air pollution including Fibers, Aerosols, Bioaerosols , Nano particles, Nano Fibers, Gases & Vapors; Industrial Ventilation; Air- Filtration; Biofiltration; Nano Technology in Occupational Health; Exposure assessment; Risk assessment; Risk management; Occupational Toxicology; Personal protective Equipments; Fire; Industrial Safety; Micro Ergonomy; Macro Ergonomy; Occupational Diseases; …Health, Safety and Environmental Management.

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