Abstract and keywords in English

Abstract and keywords

Abstract is a self-contained, standalone summary of your work that others may use it as an overview of your article in search engines and indexing databases. An intelligent use of appropriate phrases and key words in the abstract is of fundamental importance to facilitate access to your article and increase its visibility in search engines and indexing databases. A well-written abstract must address most important questions regarding your work in less than 300 words. Instances of the important questions that the abstract section should answer include: Motivation for the research, materials and methods, results and findings, and last but not least, conclusions and implications. After the abstract of your article, you should provide 4 to 7 keywords, written in alphabetical order and separated by semicolons.  Because most search engines fail to display mathematical symbols and special characters, please try to provide a text-only abstract and minimize the use of mathematical symbols and accented variables.

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